RoofPax Bag + Roof Rack for Flush Rails
Our carriers are perfect for road trips, camping adventures, and family vacations, providing you with the extra space you need.
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RoofPax Bag + Roof Rack for Flush Rails
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RoofPax Bag + Roof Rack for Flush Rails

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Introducing the RoofPax Waterproof Car Top Cargo Carrier and Roof Rack for Flush side rails combo kit. This kit is an all-in-one solution for not only carrying luggage in our expandable cargo bag but also mounting it to your vehicle with our rustproof aircraft aluminum rail kit. Installation for both is a breeze, allowing you to hit the road in no time and enjoy the added storage space. Unlock the full potential of your car and enjoy the freedom to bring along everything you need.

RoofPax Car Top Carrier Bag

  • Material: 600D Double Coated Recycled Polyester
  • Dimensions:

- 15 cft. 49.2 x 36.62 x 22 inches
- 19 cft. 47.2 x 35.4 x 19.8 inches
- 23 cft. 49.2 x 36.62 x 22 inches
- 15-19 cft. 47.2 x 35.4 x 19.8 inches

  • Color: Black, Orange, Grey
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Special Features:
  • Patented 4+2 extra free door hook straps for maximum safety
  • Double waterproof zippers and dual seam technology
  • Can be used with or without a roof rack
  • Includes 6 patented door hook straps/clips, a TSA approved lock, and a sturdy storage bag
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on zippers and buckles, 5-year warranty on tears and fabric.

Roof Rack for Flush Rails

  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Van, ATV, Car, SUV, UTV, Truck, Pick-ups, Sedan, Trailer
  • Material: EVA, Noise Reduction Rubber Strips, PA6, Aluminum, Polypropylene
  • Brand: RoofPax
  • Item Dimensions: 53.9 x 4.13 x 5.31 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.25 Pounds
  • Is Foldable: No
  • Load Capacity: 198 Pounds
  • Mounting Type: Power Grip

Additional Details:

  • Manufacturer: RoofPax
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Exterior: Anti Rust Galvanised Aluminium
  • Special Features: Holds up to 190 lbs., Wind Noise Reduction Rubber Stripe, Lifetime Warranty, Rust-Free Aluminium, 2 Clamp Locks & Locking Keys
  • Lift Type: Side Rail Clamps

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RoofPax roof boxes are made from durable, waterproof materials.
Peerless Resilience

Engineered to tackle the most challenging environments, the RoofPax Car Roof Bag is made from high-grade 600D double-layered Polyester fabric. This material offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring enduring functionality. Capable of carrying substantial weight, this rooftop cargo bag serves as a dependable ally for numerous voyages.

Custom-Fit for Your Ride

Designed to offer an exact match for your vehicle, RoofPax's Universal Car Roof Rack melds effortlessly with your existing flush roof rails. Its intuitive design simplifies the installation process, conserving both your time and effort. Ideal for vans, SUVs, or trucks, these crossbars make an excellent enhancement to your vehicle's rooftop.

universal crossbar
Our products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.
Unmatched Security

The safety of your possessions is our foremost concern. The RoofPax Car Roof Bag is equipped with dual waterproof zippers and cutting-edge seam technology, delivering unparalleled defense against inclement weather like rain or snow. Its water-resistant double layer ensures that your belongings remain moisture-free, regardless of the weather conditions.

Commitment Beyond Excellence

RoofPax is passionate about providing the best travel solutions. With our premium vehicle accessories and top-notch car top storage solutions, we're dedicated to elevating your journey.  Customer satisfaction is our steadfast commitment, reinforced by our exceptional customer support program and extended warranties. Whenever you have a question or concern, our friendly customer support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Our products provide extra storage space for your road trips and outdoor activities.

RoofPax Car Top Carrier Bag: Durable and Versatile Storage

The RoofPax Car Top Carrier Bag is constructed from 600D Double Coated Recycled Polyester, ensuring durability and longevity. It is available in various dimensions, catering to different storage capacities: 15 cubic feet (49.2 x 36.62 x 22 inches), 19 cubic feet (47.2 x 35.4 x 19.8 inches), and 23 cubic feet (49.2 x 36.62 x 22 inches). Additionally, there is a versatile 15-19 cubic feet option (47.2 x 35.4 x 19.8 inches). The bag comes in Black, Orange, and Grey colors and boasts a high level of water resistance, being fully waterproof.

Noteworthy features of the RoofPax Car Top Carrier Bag include a patented design with 4+2 extra free door hook straps, providing maximum safety during transportation. The bag is equipped with double waterproof zippers and employs dual seam technology for enhanced protection against the elements. It is adaptable for use with or without a roof rack. The package includes 6 patented door hook straps/clips, a TSA approved lock, and a sturdy storage bag. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty on zippers and buckles, with a 5-year warranty covering tears and fabric.

RoofPax Roof Rack for Flush Rails: Sturdy and Reliable Load Support

The Roof Rack for Flush Rails by RoofPax complements the carrier bag. It is available in Silver and Black colors and is suitable for various vehicle types, including vans, ATVs, cars, SUVs, UTVs, trucks, pickups, sedans, and trailers. The roof rack is crafted from EVA, Noise Reduction Rubber Strips, PA6, Aluminum, and Polypropylene. It has dimensions of 53.9 x 4.13 x 5.31 inches and weighs 9.25 pounds. Notably, it is not foldable and has a robust load capacity of 198 pounds, utilizing a Power Grip mounting type.

Additional details about the Roof Rack for Flush Rails include its brand (RoofPax), model (MRP-CROOSBAR-FLUSH-52), and country of origin (China). The exterior is made of Anti Rust Galvanized Aluminium, offering protection against corrosion. Special features include the ability to hold up to 190 lbs., Wind Noise Reduction Rubber Stripe, a lifetime warranty, rust-free aluminum, and 2 clamp locks with locking keys. The lift type for this roof rack is Side Rail Clamps.

RoofPax Bag & Roof Rack for Flush Rails FAQs

Yes, The RoofPax Cargo Carrier is designed to be completely waterproof, ensuring that your belongings stay dry and protected even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Yes, The RoofPax Cargo Carrier is designed to withstand heavy rain, snow, and other challenging weather conditions. However, we recommend that you take extra precautions to secure your cargo and ensure that it is not damaged by any water that may seep in during transport.

RoofPax bags are available in four sizes:
15cf car Roof Bag’s measurements are: L 43.3″ x W 31.5″ x H 19.8″

19cf Car Roof Bag’s measurements are: L 47.2” x W 35.4” x H 19.8” ‎‎
23cf Car Roof Bag’s measurements are: L 49.2” x W 36.62” x H 22”
Expandable (15-19 cf) Car Roof Bag’s measurements are: L 47.2” x W 35.4” x H 19.8”

100% WATERPROOF POLYESTER MADE - Unlike our competitors' bags made of PVC material, RoofPax is crafted from premium quality Polyester material, Tested and approved for its extra waterproof capabilities contains NIFCO buckles & SBS Zippers.

Based on your car model, your RoofPax Bag can hold 130-200 pounds (60-90 kilograms). (Please refer to your car manufacturer's manual guide).

While there isn't a specific speed limit for driving with a rooftop cargo bag, it's generally recommended to drive at or below the posted speed limits and to adjust your driving according to the added weight and height of the cargo on your roof. Driving at moderate speeds helps ensure safe handling, stability, and optimal fuel efficiency.

Packing a RoofPax cargo bag is a straightforward process. Place your items inside the bag, making sure to distribute the weight evenly. Seal the bag using the double waterproof zippers, ensuring a secure closure. You can use the 10 Velcro straps to prevent any excess strap flapping and maximize security. Additionally, take advantage of the integrated mat to protect your car's roof from scratches or dents caused by the cargo.

Before each use, we recommend that you inspect the cargo carrier for any signs of wear or tear, particularly around the seams and openings. To ensure a proper seal, make sure that all zippers, flaps, and other openings are fully closed and secured.

Yes, The RoofPax Cargo Carrier is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap, and allow it to air dry completely before storing it. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the waterproof coating.

RoofPax stands out for its commitment to safety. The Patented 4+2 extra free door hook straps provide a secure attachment to your vehicle, preventing any risk of the bag coming loose during travel. The design also takes into consideration potential hazards during emergencies, avoiding interference with airbags. The reflective logo adds visibility, enhancing safety even in low-light conditions.

The RoofPax Car Top Carrier is made from premium quality Polyester material. This choice of material ensures durability, waterproofing, and resistance to wear and tear. The bag also features top-quality SBS waterproof zippers and NIFCO buckles, enhancing its overall sturdiness and reliability during use.

The roof rack has a sturdy design that can securely hold up to 150 lbs., providing dependable stability and longevity.

The RoofPax roof rack is primarily constructed out of highly durable, non-rusting, aircraft-grade aluminum.

The crossbar roof rack set includes 2 roof cross bars, 4 plastic spare caps, 2 rubber strips to reduce wind noise, an Allen wrench, 2 keys, and a step-by-step illustrated instructions manual for installation. Additionally, it features a dirt-proof lid to keep out dust and grime.

The RoofPax Universal Car Roof Rack has dimensions of 53.9 x 4.13 x 5.31 inches and weighs 9.25 pounds.

The primary difference between roof rails and flush rails lies in their design and appearance. Roof rails are raised structures that extend above the roofline of the vehicle. They often provide a more rugged or utilitarian look and can serve as attachment points for various accessories. Flush rails, on the other hand, are integrated into the vehicle's design, lying nearly flush with the roof. Flush rails offer a more streamlined and modern aesthetic.