Best Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags in 2024: Things to Consider!

rooftop cargo bag on the top of car

As you embark on your next road trip, ensuring you have the proper storage solutions for all your gear is essential. Rooftop cargo bags provide much-needed extra space. So with it, you do not need to stuff the car's interior with your things. It is enough to install the appropriate roof rack.

When choosing rooftop cargo bags, waterproof options are ideal. They protect your belongings from the rain during long drives or stops. It's also great in snowy weather. After all, the waterproof element does not allow you to spoil all your luggage.

This article will explore the best waterproof rooftop cargo bag options set to launch in 2024. We will help you determine which is the best solution for your needs. And we'll base it on capacity, security, and budget. You'll have peace of mind with the right waterproof rooftop cargo bag. Because you will know your luggage and equipment will remain dry and safe. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags

Waterproof rooftop cargo bags

When choosing accessories for a car, any driver tests it according to some criteria. For some, quality is important, and for others, only size. But when choosing a best waterproof rooftop cargo bag, you need to check several factors simultaneously. It is crucial to consider every nuance so that it is a good choice.

First of all, pay attention to quality. It is an essential factor when buying any product. And when choosing a waterproof roof luggage bag, this is of particular importance. After all, you choose this for more than one day or month. It keeps your things on trips that should serve you as long as possible. So, to avoid its breakdowns and shortcomings, pay attention to quality. Let it be a more expensive option but better in quality.

It is also imperative to consider the compatibility of this accessory with your car. You should be sure to choose the option suitable for your car brand. If you ignore this factor, trouble may await you. So, to avoid this, analyze the following factors in detail. And be sure to do this before buying waterproof cargo bags:

Quality of Material

These car accessories are of different types of material. But like any other product, it can be of good quality and not so good. Consider the next materials to avoid getting confused with the choice. For rooftop cargo bags, these are the best options:

  • Rubber materials. It is an excellent option. They have high water resistance. It allows them to retain moisture on the outside effectively. Rubber materials are also highly resistant to wear and UV exposure. It ensures the long-term function of the bag.
  • Nylon. Nylon with a waterproof coating is another option for cargo bags of waterproof material. This material has high strength and wear resistance. And its special coating provides reliable protection against moisture.
  • Polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a popular material for waterproof cargo bags. It has high resistance to water and moisture. It provides practical protection of cargo from rain and snow. PVC also has high strength and durability. Thus, it allows the bag to withstand demanding operating conditions.

Waterproofing Technology

Here are some waterproofing technologies to consider:

  • Thermal welding. This technology is for creating hermetic connections between materials. It forms a strong and waterproof bond. Thus, you should know how good it is.
  • Melting. This technology is for applying molten material to the surface of the bag. After application, the material cools and forms an airtight barrier against moisture. This method creates a uniform coating that effectively protects the bag's interior.
  • Seams of continuous gluing. It ensures high water resistance. And it also prevents the penetration of moisture through the seams.
  • Electrofusion. It is for joining materials by melting. Thanks to the use of heat, the materials are fused. It forms a hermetic connection. This method provides high strength and water resistance.
Waterproof rooftop carrier bag sizes

Capacity and Size

Capacity and size are one of the most important factors. They play significant role for waterproof roof luggage bags:

  • Before buying roof racks, pay attention to their size. You should decide what capacity it should have. Are you going to transport bulky or not-so-big things? Based on this, choose the appropriate option. Bags range from 10 to over 100 liters. Measure your roof rack before purchasing to ensure a good fit. In case ignoring it, you may not fit everything you need in the waterproof rooftop cargo bag. So, capacity is something that you should consider in detail and rationally.
  • Also, pay attention to the size of the accessory. Does it have to be something long and wide? Do you prefer something small? It is essential to know what suits you better. After all, many drivers choose the size not only for placing things. It also adds a particular look to the car. Thus, choose a size that will fit and look good on your vehicle.

Installation and Security

These are no less important two factors when choosing rooftop cargo bags. After all, they determine your success in this installation and security. So consider this:

  • Mounting system. Pay attention to the type and quality of the mounting system. It is crucial that the system is stable, solid and ensures reliable fixation of the bag. Then it will avoid shifting or loss while driving.
  • Ease of use. Make sure the large waterproof cargo bags have comfortable handles or straps to use. Easy accessibility to the cargo is an essential factor in the comfortable use of the pack.
  • Cargo restrictions. Check your vehicle's load limits. And also, check the largest weight that the roof system can support. You should not exceed the recommended limits.
  • Safety on the road. Consider the impact of the bag on road safety. Make sure the bag does not obstruct your view of the road. 

Reviews of the Best Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags in 2024

Every year brings you innovations in the field of motoring. Manufacturers want to impress their customers with the new functionality of large waterproof cargo bags.

In 2024, waterproofness became the number-one choice for such accessories. Although this has long been a significant factor, it is now more critical than ever. After all, it can often rain or snow on the road. And if your roof rack doesn't have enough protection against some weather conditions, your cargo can get wet. Manufacturers have developed the highest quality rooftop cargo bags to prevent such cases.

But manufacturers are improving other aspects of them besides waterproofing. Using the highest quality materials, they ensure the durability of these devices. Advanced designs and details also make these cargo bags practical and convenient. And strong closing and fixing systems provide reliable fixation of the pack. It also contributes to good waterproofing of roof racks. So, what options of best waterproof rooftop cargo bags to select in 2024? Read on:

1. Car Top Carrier Bag

best waterproof cargo carrier bag

It can become your indispensable car accessory. Its size ranges from 15 to 23 cubic feet. So this spacious design can accommodate all your transportation needs. And the waterproofness of this bag is one of the best advantages.

To guarantee the most water resistance, RoofPax utilizes precision welding technology. It is to create robust seams. They provide an extra reinforcement layer, eliminating the risk of water penetration and ensuring your cargo remains completely dry and intact throughout your journey.

Installing this cargo bag of waterproof material is a breeze. It is thanks to its cutting-edge attachment system. The bag securely fastens to any roof rack with heavy-duty straps and buckles. It ensures a tight, stable fit that withstands high speeds and rough terrains.

2. Rightline Gear Sport 3 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Are you looking for a rugged yet affordable rooftop cargo bag? It is a good choice. The Rightline Gear Sport 3 ensures large protection against rain, snow, and moisture. All this is thanks to its advanced engineering and high-quality materials.

The large waterproof cargo bag is constructed using premium PVC. It is a specially formulated waterproof fabric, guaranteeing a watertight seal. So, it'll keep your belongings safe and dry even in challenging weather.

The Rightline Gear Sport 3 not only focuses on waterproofing, but it also offers ample storage space. It has a generous capacity of up to 18 cubic feet. So, you can hold up to 100 pounds. Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance, improving fuel efficiency and a quieter ride.

As you can see, this product delivers unmatched performance. So, if it suits you, it can be a good option.

3. SAN HIMA Rooftop Cargo Bag

It is a genuinely innovative and professionally designed product that takes waterproofing to the next level. With its outstanding water resistance, it stands out as a top choice among roof racks.

The SAN HIMA Rooftop Cargo Bag is not only known for its superior waterproofing. It is also famous for its user-friendly design. You can easily install and access it, making loading and unloading a breeze. The bag can be conveniently folded and stored in a compact size when not in use.

Whether embarking on a family vacation or outdoor adventure, this cargo bag which is waterproof  guarantees the ultimate protection for your belongings. Its exceptional waterproofing and innovative features make it a reliable and trusted choice.

4. Sailnovo Car Roof Bag

It is another great option in 2023. Its unmatched waterproofing and durability make it the ultimate choice for any adventurer. It combines excellent qualities. Among them are durability, stylishness, and strength. But the most significant advantage that draws attention is water resistance.

The Sailnovo Car Roof Bag features a unique waterproof zipper system. It is specifically designed to keep water out. The zipper has a double flap to prevent water from seeping into the bag. It creates an impenetrable barrier against rain, snow, and moisture.

Besides, the Sailnovo Car Roof Bag offers a generous storage capacity of 15 cubic feet. This spacious interior allows you to pack all your belongings securely. It can be camping gear, luggage, or sports equipment. Moreover, this large waterproof cargo bag is user-friendly and convenient. You can install and access it without effort. It makes loading and unloading a hassle-free experience.

waterproof cargo bag for smooth travel experience


By evaluating factors such as size, durability, ease of use, and extra features, you can choose a safe, high-quality waterproof rooftop cargo bag well-suited to your vehicle and needs in 2024. With the range of versatile bags on the market, you're sure to find an appropriate option.

But if you can't decide, we are here to help you. We have a quality range of best waterproof cargo bag. So, one of them will definitely suit you. The main thing is to say all your preferences and wishes. Then, we will choose the best option for you.


Why should I choose a waterproof rooftop cargo bag?

Waterproof rooftop cargo bags protect your gear against rain, sleet, and snow. They are ideal if you frequently drive or travel in inclement weather. So, they are highly reliable protectors of your luggage against wet weather on the road.

Are all rooftop cargo bags waterproof?

No. It depends on the brand and model. Different rooftop cargo bags have different levels of water resistance. Some may be fully waterproof. But others may only provide partial protection against moisture.

What materials are commonly used in waterproof rooftop cargo bags?

Many waterproof rooftop cargo bags utilize laminated fabrics. It involves nylon or polyester with specialized waterproof coatings. This combination of materials offers a strong barrier against water infiltration. This way, it helps keep your cargo dry.

Can I leave a waterproof rooftop cargo bag on my vehicle during heavy rain or snow?

It is better to remove it from your vehicle during heavy rain or snowfall. Yes, the bag is waterproof. But prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions can increase the risk of water seeping in.