How to Carry Luggage on Top of Car

Luggage on top of the car

People are used to transporting things in the car's interior or the luggage rack. But the functionality of the machine is much more versatile. Have you ever wondered how you can use the roof of a car to transport things? If not, then you should think about it. It is a great idea to ensure comfort during the extensive transportation process.

Before you learn how to carry luggage on top of the car, you should be aware of some things. To begin with, understand that this process requires attention and caution. Awareness of this ensures your convenience and preserves the integrity of your cargo.

When there is a need to transport luggage, select the right luggage rack for your car. Different types of them, such as boxes, baskets, or slats, can be suitable for various types of cargo. It is crucial to assure you correctly install it and securely fasten it on the car's roof. 

Benefits of Carry Luggage on Top of Car

Imagine how you are going to the sea, to the mountains, or on an expedition. You will probably want to take many things that will unlikely fit inside the car. And once you realize it, it becomes a big problem. But drivers who know what luggage on a roof rack is, do not consider it a concern at all. Why? Because this thing has many advantages, some of which are:

  • safety in the cabin;
  • extra space;
  • stylish look;
  • cargo protection;
  • improving aerodynamics.

One of the main benefits of packing a car's roof with luggage is preserving privacy and security. You can store valuables or personal items in a unique roof cargo bag. The ability to lock them protects your belongings from thieves and external influences. Besides, some mounting systems can be equipped with locks or keys. It provides an added level of security. So, as you can see, these advantages are worth driving a car with luggage on top.

Tips to Carry Luggage on Top of Car

Transporting things on the roof of a car is undoubtedly convenient. But without knowing specific tips, you can make this process more difficult. To avoid this, our secret tips will help you in this:

  • First and foremost, make sure you're using quality mounts and racks that fit your vehicle's needs. Do not forget also about the weight limits that the manufacturer sets. And do not exceed them, as this can negatively affect the car's handling.
  • Take care of the correct location to carry luggage on top of the car. Distribute the weight evenly to prevent the vehicle from becoming unbalanced. It is better to place heavy objects in the center of the trunk and light ones on the sides.
  • Remember to consider the height of your car when passing under low bridges. It can also refer to entrances to parking lots with low ceilings. To prevent possible damage to luggage and the auto, install height limiters.
  • Lastly, always check the luggage on the roof rack before every trip. It is to ensure that it remains safe and secure.

Observing these recommendations will make your ride more comfortable. The main thing is always to follow them.

Factors to Consider When Assessing Your Luggage and Car

Before mastering how to carry luggage on top of the car, you should consider several factors. They can push you to select the suitable roof cargo bags, thinking of all the nuances:
  • Baggage size and weight
Consider these factors so that your roof cargo bag has compatibility with your car. The size should be accurate and suitable. And the weight of the luggage should not exceed the load on the car.
  • Car condition
It includes appearance, mechanical condition, scratches, or other damage. The better the state of the car, the higher its rating. Too old vehicles may not be subject to carrying luggage on top of the car.
  • Luggage storage

It is important to know how you can place luggage on the roof of your car and the scheme of its installation. Be sure to evaluate the possibility of attaching luggage to your auto. This way, you can better balance your bags.








Evaluating Your Luggage

Before setting off on the road, it is necessary to assess your luggage:

  • It is also imperative to check how well you have placed your luggage. You need to ensure that nothing is sticking out or obstructing you as a driver. Your belongings must fit in the space of your car or on its roof.
  • And one more thing that you should evaluate before driving a car with luggage on top is how you attach your items. Check the fasteners of the cargo systems and confirm they securely fix the luggage. Always check your luggage's fastenings before each trip.

Choosing the Right Equipment

So, you know how to strap luggage to the roof rack. But do you know which equipment option to choose? Among its types, there may be different options. Choose the one that best suits your requirements:

  • Luggage boxes
They are an ideal option for transporting a large volume of gear. These can be suitcases, camping equipment, or sports equipment. 
  • Luggage rails
They allow you to transport long objects such as skis, bicycles, or kayaks. Luggage rails can usually be installed on the roof of a car with already installed rails or a special fastening mechanism.
  • Luggage baskets

They are a convenient option for transporting light loads. Options may include backpacks, sleeping bags, or small items. They usually have an open construction. It allows easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Loading and Securing the Luggage

Loading and securing luggage is a serious process. It requires caution and compliance with some essential rules:

  • First of all, make sure that your car is equipped with unique luggage systems.
  • When loading bags, place heavy items at the bottom, closer to the car. Distribute the load evenly over the luggage area to avoid overloading one side.
  • You should fasten your baggage using reliable fastening mechanisms. Before traveling, check that all fastening means are tightened well.
  • Carry luggage on top of the car, ensure it doesn't block the rearview mirrors or traffic lights.

Safety Considerations

When transporting cargo, besides general road safety tips, some considerations are important to consider:

  • You may need special devices for loads with an unusual shape or size. These can be more fasteners to ensure stability during movement.
  • It is also worth considering that the transportation of a large and heavy load can affect its center of gravity and motion dynamics. So, consider these factors and adapt your driving style to provide safety.
  • Remember to observe the restriction on the transportation of luggage on a roof rack.
  • Too high speed can cause dangerous situations on the road.

Driving with a Loaded Roof Rack

Driving with a loaded roof rack requires extra attention and caution:

  • Avoid sharp maneuvers and quick lane changes when driving with a loaded roof bag. It will help maintain the car's stability and prevent the pack from tipping.
  • You should also consider the height of your car with luggage on top. Before moving, make sure that the size of the load does not exceed the permissible limits.
  • Remember also to increase the distance to the cars ahead. Because a loaded box can affect the braking distance.
  • Do not forget that safety is a priority. Thus, follow the established rules and recommendations when driving.

Unloading and Removing the Roof Rack

Unloading and removing the luggage carrier are important stages. Thus, you should approach this with great care:

  • First of all, make sure that the car is on a safe surface. Pay attention to surrounding objects and obstacles to avoid possible damage.
  • When removing the luggage on the roof rack, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Remove fasteners and straps carefully. And also, avoid sudden movements that can lead to accidental injury to the car or you.
  • When you remove the rack, store the mounts and accessories in a safe place for future use.


Your adventures can become easier if you know how to carry luggage on top of a car. Using the right equipment for cargo transportation, you will ensure unforgettable trips. After all, you can put all your desired currents in it, even on the farthest road.

But you should not overdo it. Too much baggage leads to bad consequences. So, buying a larger roof cargo bag is better when you can't compact it into a smaller one. This way, you will definitely be able to put all your necessary things there.


Can I carry luggage on top of any car?

Yes, you can do it. But before this, it's important to check your car's weight capacity and roof rack compatibility.

How can I ensure the safety of my luggage on the roof?

Frequently check the roof rack, tie-downs, and luggage. It is to ensure they remain secure and intact throughout the journey. Make stops if necessary to re-tighten any straps or reposition the load.

Are there any safety considerations while driving with luggage on the roof?

It's crucial to slow down and maintain a steady speed when driving with cargo on the roof. It promotes stability and lowers the possibility of accidents.

What speed can I drive with a roof bag?

The specific speed limit for driving with a roof bag varies depending on some factors. Generally, it depends on the manufacturer's recommendations and local regulations. So, every car has different limitations for speed.