How to Install and Load a Car Top Carrier

 choosing a quality car top carrier

The time has come. You're over the moon to finally go on that long-awaited trip. After putting in all those hours at work, it's time to relax and unwind. But knowing how to install and load a car top carrier correctly will make or break your journey.

A few steps must be followed to ensure your car top carrier is safely and securely installed. With a few tips and tricks, you'll be ready to hit the open road in no time.

Have The Right Size

The market is filled with multiple car top carriers, roof bars, specific attachments, and roof bags. It's important to have the right equipment for your vehicle, so double-check that you've purchased a car top carrier that is properly built and sized for your car or SUV.

Have a look around, and check reviews and prices. This helps with the final decision process. But most of all, get the right size. There are small, medium, large, and even expandable roof bags that ensure nothing gets left behind.

installing roofpaxs car top carrier

Get a Helping Hand

Installing your new bag is easy. However, the first few times will be challenging until you get the hang of things. It's recommended you get a helping hand to help make sense of everything. If you choose a quality car top carrier, all necessary instructions, storage bag, and hardware will come in the package.

Once that is out of the way, inspect the roof bag and ensure all the accessories are there. Check the quality of the zippers, hooks, and straps for any potential weak points. RoofPax takes pride in every car top carrier they make, so getting the perfect fit and quality is easy.

Next up, it's time to see how it fits your car. This is where an extra set of hands comes in helpful. Lay the bag across your roof to get an idea of its size and placement. One person on each side of the car makes everything easy and stress-free.

Insert the included hooks under the weather stripping of each door jam to ensure everything lines up. Once that's done, ensure everything is secure by giving it a good tug. And don't worry about your paint job getting scuffed up; RoofPax's integrated foam matting keeps your car scratch-free.

Load Accordingly

Loading your new roof bag is an art in itself. If you played Tetris as a child, this is where your skills come into use. Organize everything in sections and stack accordingly.

The goal is to have all your items fit snugly together and not move around while you're on the road. Even better, try to fill in any empty space with small items like hand towels or clothes. This will keep your gear safe and secure.

Keeping the cent of gravity as low as possible is crucial. It's also important to distribute weight evenly across the car top carrier. If you have larger items like a tent and sleeping bags, put them in the middle. Another pro tip is to keep heavy items at the bottom. The car handling ability will change when adding a lot of weight to the top.

proper loading of car top carrier

Make Sure Everything is Secured

Always double and trips check everything. Skipping this step will cause problems for you down the line. Make sure all your items are safely tucked away and zipped up. Secure any extra straps or ropes to ensure nothing moves during transit.

Take a quick trip around the block or do a test run on the highway before setting off. It helps everything settle and will show you how the car maneuvers at high speeds. If needed, come back and readjust or repack anything you may have missed.

At the end of the day, installing and loading a car top carrier is easy as long as you take your time. Make sure to double-check all points and secure any additional straps or ropes. If done right, your car top carrier will be indispensable on every road trip.

And with a RoofPax car top carrier, finding the right size at an unbeatable price point is guaranteed. With years of experience and a lifetime warranty, your gear is safe and secure wherever the road takes you.


Embarking on a long-awaited journey with your car top carrier can be a rewarding and stress-free experience, provided you follow a few essential steps. Choosing the right size and type of car top carrier tailored to your vehicle is paramount. Research and consideration will guide you in making the best decision, ensuring a seamless fit and the ability to carry all your essentials.

While installing a car top carrier may initially seem daunting, having a helping hand and carefully following the provided instructions can simplify the process. Investing in a quality carrier, like RoofPax, not only provides you with the necessary equipment but also ensures durability and ease of use.

Proper loading techniques are key to maximizing space and securing your belongings during transit. Employing organizational skills reminiscent of childhood Tetris games will help optimize the available space and keep your items from shifting during the journey. Adhering to principles of weight distribution, such as placing heavier items at the bottom and maintaining a low center of gravity, contributes to the overall stability and handling of your vehicle.