How to Keep Your Rooftop Cargo Bag Clean

cleaning rooftop cargo bag

After a long trip, you wash your car. But how about keeping your rooftop cargo bag clean? Whether you are out for a day or an entire month, periodic cleaning is necessary to prolong and get the most from your RoofPax luggage carrier.

This post focuses on cleaning, storing, and maintaining car rooftop storage bags. As we all know, the better shape it's in, the longer it will last. Following the guide below guarantees an increased service life and a fantastic-looking roof cargo bag.

Pre-Cleaning Prep

Before proceeding, a pre-cleaning check of your rooftop cargo bag is vital. The following steps are critical to getting your cargo bag as clean as possible.

Loose items will cause damage and will affect the cleaning process. Something as little as a pebble can cause problems further down the cleaning process. Our car rooftop storage bags are flexible, meaning you can turn them inside out to get all the small debris left behind from the previous trip.

Afterward, go over the entire bag with a coarse brush or small broom to remove any ground-in dirt or other contaminants. Proper pre-cleaning prep helps your luggage carrier look as good as new after finishing the cleaning process.

Cleaning Your Rooftop Cargo Bag

Now that the pre-cleaning step is done, it's time for the next step. With a few supplies and a little time, your roof top storage bag will look as good as new.

Materials Needed:

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • Water source
  • A bucket

With all the materials gathered, it's time to get to work. Mix warm water with mild soap or detergent in the bucket. Give it a quick stir to ensure everything is mixed properly. You won't need much soap. Extra suds will make the final step take more time.

Once ready, scrub your rooftop luggage carrier with a soft brush and soapy water. Start with one section at a time and wash gently to avoid damaging the material. Pay attention to the seams, folds, and other hard-to-reach areas. If necessary, repeat the above steps until all sections of your rooftop luggage carrier are spick and spam.

When finished scrubbing, rinse the rooftop cargo bag with clean water from a hose. All soap residue must be removed as it can damage the rooftop cargo bag in the future.

Once this is done, let your rooftop storage bag dry in a well-ventilated, preferably warm place. Leaving it outside for a few hours is the best idea. If that's not possible, keep it in your garage overnight before packing it up.

We offer a complimentary storage bag when you purchase a RoofPax rooftop cargo bag. It lets you neatly pack the luggage carrier once dry and store it away when not in use.

Cleaning Your Rooftop Cargo Bag

Important Tips

Sometimes, things don't go as easily as planned. The tips below will ensure your rooftop cargo bag is always in top condition:

Spot Cleaning

A more thorough spot cleaning will be needed if something spills in your RoofPax car roof bag. Several stain removal products are on the market, so be sure you buy the right one. And always test it in a small inconspicuous to ensure it won't stain the material.

Apply Protection

Although RoofPax products are built to last, a little extra protection will go a long way. Just like your skin, UV rays will cause damage to the luggage carrier. A canvas UV protection spray should be applied to prevent this from happening. Additionally, a protective stain repellant makes cleaning your luggage carrier much more effortless.

Safety Considerations

Certain safety precautions should be taken when cleaning rooftop cargo bags. Here are the things to keep in mind.

Check for Damage or Tears

Before each cleaning, a close visual inspection should be the first step. Have a look at problem areas such as corners, seams, zippers, and straps. If any of them are damaged or worn, go easy with cleaning.

Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

Bleach and other harsh chemicals are a big no-no. Not only will it discolor the bag, but in some cases, it can weaken the material and void the warranty. Always use appropriate cleaning solutions and chemicals. If unsure, consult the owner's manual or contact one of our team members.

Keeping rooftop cargo bag clean is easy when following the right steps

Final Words

Keeping your rooftop luggage carrier clean is easy when you follow the right steps. Regular maintenance will make your rooftop cargo bag look as good as new and be forever ready for your next big adventure. So, grab your RoofPax rooftop cargo bag and hit the roads today!

FAQ: How to Maintain a Clean Rooftop Cargo Bag

Why is pre-cleaning preparation important?

Pre-cleaning ensures effective results. Removing loose items and debris, turning the bag inside out to eliminate small particles, and using a brush to remove dirt enhance the cleaning process.

What's the cleaning process for a rooftop cargo bag?

The process involves pre-cleaning prep, spot cleaning spills with suitable products, applying UV protection spray, and using a stain repellant for easier future cleaning.

How do I handle spills and stains?

For spills, conduct spot cleaning using compatible stain removers. Test in a hidden area to prevent staining.

What safety measures should I follow?

Inspect for damage before cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach that can damage the material and consult the manual or our team for guidance.

How can I protect my bag from UV damage and stains?

Apply UV protection spray to prevent sun damage and use a stain repellant for both protection and effortless future cleaning.