How to Maximize Your Rooftop Cargo Bag Space

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Want to get the most out of your next weekend getaway? This post is for you. We all need a little break from reality now and again. A quick camping trip or visiting old friends is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But it can be difficult to pack all your luggage into an already-full car. That's where rooftop cargo bags come in. Rooftop cargo bags offer a large, secure space to store your belongings on top of your vehicle.

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However, packing can be tricky. It's easy to overfill the bag and make it difficult to close or tie it down properly. To help you get the most out of your rooftop cargo space, we've developed some tips for maximizing the space of a large rooftop cargo carrier from RoofPax.

Get The Right Size

Before we dive in deeper, let's talk about the size. Yes, size does matter. While this may sound a little cliche, the size of your rooftop cargo bag plays a vital role in maximizing the space. Make sure you choose a bag that is large enough to fit all of your belongings but not so large that it won't fit on the roof of your vehicle.

For small compact cars or light travelers, a 15 cubic foot luggage bag for a car roof will do the job just fine. But things change when the entire family comes along for the ride. Baby toys, additional clothing, tents, and sleeping bags need somewhere to go. A large rooftop cargo carrier is your best bet.

So remember, you should always get the right size to fit your needs. Expandable rooftop cargo bags offer an excellent option for those unsure about how much cargo space they need.

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Divide And Organize

A little organization goes a long way when trying to fit everything. Start by dividing everything into sections. Duffle bags to traditional carry-on luggage is a great way to keep everything organized before loading up your rooftop cargo bag.

Another option is to invest in a set of foam dividers. These can be found at any hardware store and are a great way to keep fragile items safe during the trip. The best part is that each divider can be cut to size to separate large or odd-shaped objects.

Lastly, make sure not to overload your rooftop cargo carrier. While you may be tempted to bring everything, including the kitchen sink, you should always keep the maximum weight limit your car's roof can handle. If the stuff you bring is unusually heavy, a good roof rack will help distribute the weight evenly.


Placement goes hand in hand with the organization. After all, you are putting a lot of extra weight on your vehicle. If you stack the heaviest items on top, the higher center of gravity can lead to unsafe handling.

On top of that, placing all the heavy stuff at the front or back of the cargo bag will place unnecessary weight on one end of the vehicle. Again, this is unsafe and will become a hazard should you need to perform an emergency braking or turning maneuver.

To prevent this from happening, place the heaviest items along the bottom and avoid stacking them too high. Continue layering with lighter items until the bag is full. Just make sure not to overpack, as this can cause make closing the lid challenging.

Rooftop cargo bags offer a large, secure space to store your belongings

Bring Exactly What you Need

While this may sound easy, bringing exactly what you need is difficult. We usually pack "in case of" items that will only take up real estate, add weight, and make getting to the crucial things much harder.

Think about the essentials, make a list, and stick to it. You shouldn't need your entire shoe closet for a simple weekend out in the woods. Trust the experts when we say: pack light and travel lightly.

Final Words

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can maximize the space in your rooftop cargo bag. With RoofPax's extensive selection of bags and accessories, you'll be ready to hit the road in style. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and hit the open road today!

FAQs: Maximize Your Rooftop Cargo Bag Space

What is the key to maximizing space in a rooftop cargo bag?

To maximize space in a rooftop cargo bag, it's crucial to start with the right size. Ensure your bag is large enough to accommodate your belongings but not so oversized that it won't fit on your vehicle's roof.

How can I keep my belongings organized in a rooftop cargo bag?

Organizing your belongings is essential. You can divide and organize your items by using duffle bags, traditional luggage, or foam dividers to keep things separated and secure during your trip.

Where should I place heavy items in a rooftop cargo bag to ensure safe handling of my vehicle?

Proper placement is key to vehicle safety. Avoid stacking heavy items on top, as it can create a higher center of gravity. Instead, place the heaviest items at the bottom of the cargo bag to distribute the weight evenly.

How can I prevent overpacking my rooftop cargo bag?

To avoid overpacking, it's essential to bring only what you need. Make a list of essentials and stick to it, resisting the urge to pack unnecessary "just in case" items. Packing light is the key to maximizing space effectively.

What should I do if I'm unsure about the amount of cargo space I need for my trip?

If you're uncertain about the cargo space you need, consider using an expandable rooftop cargo bag. These bags offer a flexible solution for accommodating varying amounts of luggage and belongings, ensuring you have the right size for your trip.