How to Secure Your Car Top Carrier

How to Secure Your Car Top Carrier

Car top carriers are the easiest way to get additional storage on the go. For years, people have had a dilemma with transporting all the items they need with the limited space their car offers. The solution has never been easier, thanks to RoofPax.

Our ingenious car cargo carrier options make it simple, safe, and secure to transport anything you need no matter where you go. RoofPax’s car top carriers come in four different sizes and are built to handle extreme weather conditions.

However, one question always remains: how do I secure my RoofPax car top carrier? We have created a post to help answer that question and make sure you get the most out of your RoofPax car top carrier. Continue reading to learn everything required, including tips from the pros on securing your new RoofPax car top carrier.


Things to Consider When Securing your Car Top Carrier

Several factors go into consideration when securing your new car top carrier. Vehicle weight, make and model, weather conditions, and local laws all play a factor in having a safe journey.


Although our car roof top storage bags do not have a weight limit, it is not recommended to exceed the weight thresholds for your vehicle's roof. Some SUVs have integrated roof rack bars that allow more weight to be carried with the addition of roof rack cross bars.

Vehicle Make & Model

Car Roof bags provide a great way to store items when you are traveling. However, not all cars are made the same. The good news is that most vehicles will carry a light load on their roof without issues.

If you are planning a long journey and want to bring a lot of cargo, the first step is to ensure your vehicle can handle it. Our 23 cubic foot RoofPax car roof bag & rooftop cargo carrier gives you more than enough room to bring everything along if the vehicle in question can handle it.

Weather Conditions

Sun, sleet, hail, and snow, RoofPax car top carriers endure it all. Unlike the competition, our roof top carrier is made to go anywhere. Features include durable waterproofing construction, anti-slip protective matt, high-quality buckles, and safety door hooks that won't degrade or break when the going gets tough.

Height Restrictions

Although most states will not have problems with carrying cargo on top of your vehicle, there are height restrictions to consider.

This applies to tall vehicles such as lifted SUVs and trucks. Once you have secured your RoofPax car top carrier, we recommend measuring the total height. Knowing this info will come in handy when crossing low bridges and overpasses.

Steps Required

Now to the most important part; safely securing your RoofPax car top carrier. We have thought of everything to help make your trip as easy as possible. Here are the steps required:

• Pack accordingly. When loading your RoofPax luggage carrier, make sure everything is in place and won't move around when in transit.

• Make sure all straps are tight. With multiple built-in straps, there is no chance of unwanted mishaps. Once loaded, pull every trap tight to ensure a firm hold.

• Correct placement. Where and how you place your RoofPax luggage carrier will make a big difference. Place it near the center of your car's roof and away from the edges.

• Ensure front and rear straps are attached securely. Every RoofPax car top carrier bag comes with heavy-duty door hook straps. They go under the weatherstripping of your car's doors for ultimate holding power.

• Use Strap Extensions if needed. If your car has a roof rack, extensions or ratchet straps will be handy. This additional step helps keep your RoofPax car top carrier firmly in place.

• Test it Out. Before heading out, we recommend a test run. It is important to get used to the RoofPax car top carrier, so you know how it feels when loaded and on the open road. This will help you with getting used to having extra weight on your roof as well.

Safety Precautions

Safety is of utmost importance. RoofPax car top carriers are made with the highest quality materials to ensure your journey goes according to plan. Taking the right safety precautions ensures you and your cargo reach your destination safely.

Once you know your RoofPax cargo carrier is securely attached, it's time to hit the road. Take into consideration that car handling capabilities will be affected due to having extra weight on the roof. If something feels off, stop and double-check check your RoofPax car top carrier is still secure.

When taking a rest stop, do a quick visual and physical check on your RoofPax car top carrier. Make sure all straps are still tight and secure, as the cargo may have shifted during transit.

Final Words

By following these simple steps, you can be confident that your RoofPax car top carrier is ready for the open road. Securing your RoofPax car top carrier correctly will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Enjoy the ride!

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