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The car often becomes an assistant in the transportation of goods. But in some cases, putting all the necessary cargo in the vehicle is impossible. For this, drivers do a crossbar installation. Railings usually consist of a metal frame or racks attached to the car's roof and run along it. With their help, you can transport bulky loads. It can be roof cargo bags, bicycles, skis, and so on. Since attaching cross bars requires effort, some tips exist to make this process easier:

  • Choose the crossbars suitable for your car's model.
  • It is crucial not to exceed the car's contour.
  • Make sure the car roof surface is dry before starting the installation.
  • When placing the load on the rails, observe the weight limits the manufacturer sets.

Roof rack crossbars installation gives the car a sporty look and makes it attractive. Thus, it is not only convenient but also stylish.

Importance of Proper Crossbars Installation

Crossbar installation

A car is a mechanism that requires careful care and maintenance. And if you intend to change something in the car, add something to it, or update it, it should be perfectly executed. It especially refers to the installation of a crossbar mount

Its correct structure on the car roof is a necessary procedure. First, this ensures cargo transportation's safety, avoiding its shifting or damage. But for you to install it effectively, you need a little bit of work. You should choose the crossbars that match your car. And after, you should familiarize yourself with their instructions. It takes time and effort. But after overcoming this, you will understand how crucial the proper crossbar installation is. Here are some reasons why this is so significant:

  • A correctly installed railing ensures the safety of car passengers. It can act as extra protection in emergencies. After all, it provides more support and stability to the car.
  • It also ensures the reliable fastening of other devices and guarantees cargo transportation safety.
  • Correctly installed railing also affects the aerodynamic properties of the car. Some railing models have unique profiles that help reduce air resistance while driving.

So, if you know how to install crossbars properly, you can provide many advantages to your car. It helps drivers to expand the possibilities of using their vehicles. Besides, it ensures organization and convenience in managing things. You just need the ability to set it correctly.

roof rack bars to protect your car rooftop

Choose the Right Crossbars Size

Are you going to install crossbars on your car? Then take advantage of one important detail: their size. It plays a crucial role in establishing it and how it will look from the outside. The size of the crossbars mustn't be too large or small. It must match your car's capacity so that the size is correct. How to choose the right size? Check out the following steps:

  • Determine the type of railing
  • Start by choosing the type of railing that fits your needs. Are you planning to transport heavy cargo such as skis or bicycles? Or maybe you need to do rooftop cargo carrier installation? Remember that each type of railing has its size requirements.

  • Check the dimensions and configuration of the roof
  • Measure the space on the top in width and length for crossbar installation. Consider the presence and location of fasteners on the roof. Sometimes, they may limit the choice of crossbar size.

  • Consider the largest weight of the car
  • Make sure the crossbars you choose can support your maximum vehicle's weight. Manufacturers usually provide this information in technical documents or user manuals.

  • Testing before buying
  • Before purchasing these things, make sure they fit your car. Check how crossbars are mounted and whether they provide stability.

    Pre-Installation Preparation

    Have you decided to add a new feature to your car in the form of crossbars? But did you know that these devices require more than just proper building? Before putting them on your vehicle, you should perform pre-installation preparation:

    • Ensure safe access to the roof of your car: Secure you have a stable and safe floor to stand on while working. Use a stepped forester or a unique stand for support. It is also essential to consider the height of your vehicle and install garage door stops. It is to avoid inconvenience during installation.
    • After that, perform the ritual of preparing your car: Start by cleaning the roof of dirt and dust. Use a soft cloth and detergents to ensure a clean surface for crossbars installation. Then check the condition of the fastening of the railings and fasteners on the roof. They should be stable and safe for establishment.
    • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions: Some crossbars have exceptional adjusters. Make the necessary stages so that the crossbars are ready for installation. They should match the size of your car.
    • During roof rack crossbars installation, placing them right on the car is crucial: Make sure they are evenly spaced and parallel to each other. Use visual cues such as markings or guidelines to position the crossbars accurately.

    Step-by-Step Crossbar Installation Guide

    When preparing your car for an adventure, it's crucial to be sure everything is secure. One area that often gets overlooked is the crossbars mount. They provide a great place to attach items like bike mounts and cargo bags. Proper installation of them provides safety and reliability. Right implementing the crossbar allows you to free up space inside your vehicle.

    When installing crossbars, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure that these devices are securely fastened to the roof. For help, use the appropriate mounting hardware and techniques. Double-check the tightness of the mounting bolts to prevent any loosening during your trip.

    The skill of how to install crossbars is more accessible than most people think. The difficulty in the process arises when you do not familiarize yourself with the instructions. So that you do not need too much effort. Please read our guide on it first. With its help, you will quickly reach the crossbars on your car:

    1. Gather all the necessary tools

    So, you have started the crossbar installation. But have you prepared the necessary tools for this? If not, then keep in mind that you will need:

    • Spanner. It is for unscrewing or tightening the bolts that fasten the crossbars.
    • Tape or ruler. It is to determine the correct dimensions and distance between the crossbars.
    • Electric or hand drill. Drilling holes in the crossbars may be necessary to secure their base.
    • Level tool. It helps to ensure even and correct positioning of the crossbars. 

    2. Determine the placement

    Car owners equipped with crossbars perfectly understand how important it is to determine the place of their car body correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Research your vehicle manufacturer's crossbar mount recommendations.
    • Inspect the roof to find a straight surface intended for establishing the crossbars.
    • Be aware of the machine's roof's physical limitations, which may prevent installation.

    3. Prepare the area

    It is a key step in the installation that you should perform with the utmost attention to detail. Before proceeding with the roof rack crossbars installation, you should clean the place. The most effective way to clean is to use detergent and water:

    • Using a soft sponge or cloth that does not leave lint is necessary.
    • If there is grease or stickiness on the surface, you can use a special cleaning agent.

    4. Position the crossbars on the roof

    When doing crossbar installation, observe the correct width between them:

    • The width should correspond to the size of the roof space of the car.
    • Also, install the crossbars at the same height. It's to ensure even weight over the entire roof area of ​​the vehicle.

    5. Tighten the mounting clamps 

    Make sure you use the correct type of mounting clamps for your vehicle. After that, do the following:

    • Start tightening the mounting clamps from the middle of the roof. 
    • Gradually, move to the edges.
    • Do not tighten the clamp too much to avoid damaging the vehicle. Make sure the clamp is tight enough. The transfer should be stable.
    roof rack for raised side rails at buyroofpax

    Safety Considerations

    The fact is that any actions with your car must have safe consequences. And roof rack crossbars installation is no exception. Whether you are a professional auto mechanic or just a car owner doesn't matter. Several safety considerations about the establishment of crossbars can ensure protection during this procedure:

    • Always wear protective gloves and goggles before starting this process.
    • The heavy crossbars you use during the process may require physical effort to lift. Be careful when lifting them, and go for help if it is difficult for you.
    • Make sure your car is on level ground before crossbars mount.
    • It is also essential to check that the crossbar does not protrude too far from the car not to create a road hazard.

    So, follow these considerations, and you will achieve the guaranteed guard of your car. 


    Going on an adventure, but items don't fit in the car? There is a way out. Install the crossbars and attach the roof cargo bag to the top. It allows you to use the car's space as efficiently as possible. But before starting the structure, be sure to read the instructions.

    If you have certain questions regarding the choice of roof cargo bags, we will help you. We provide complete information about such things because we specialize in this. So, do not waste time and contact us for help. 


    FAQs:  Crossbar Installation

    Why is proper crossbar installation important?

    Because with it, you gain the flexibility to attach various accessories to your car. It eliminates worries about equipment coming loose or shifting during travel. 

    How can I check the crossbar alignment?

    Use a measuring tape to count the distance between the crossbars at the front and rear ends. Ensure that the measurements are consistent on both sides of the vehicle. This method helps identify any discrepancies in alignment and allows for precise adjustments.

    How do I install the crossbar base?

    Start by carefully reading the manufacturer's instructions for your crossbar base. After all, each brand and model can have specific installation steps and requirements.

    How far apart to install crossbars?

    Crossbars that are too far apart can negatively affect the vehicle's aerodynamics. Consider positioning the crossbars closer together. They should be at least 30 inches apart.