Transport Skis on Roof Rack how to put skis on a roof rack

skis on top of car

The ski season is the time of year many enthusiasts spend practicing winter sports. And those who have their car have every right to go to their favorite ski resort. But before going on a trip in your auto, it is crucial to know how to put skis on roof rack. Improper binding has the potential to damage your favorite skis. Or you could create a road hazard for other drivers. So, it is crucial to have specific knowledge and skills on how to transport skis.

Carrying skis on a car requires special preparation. This process is not complex, but it should be done clearly. A large number of drivers still do not know about the correct way of transporting skis. For this reason, they often allow various dangers. These can be broken ends, damage to the brackets, or even lost skis. Thus, it is very important to learn how to do this correctly to avoid such situations.

Best Roof Box for Skis

Are you planning a trip to a ski resort? First, you will have a question about how to transport the necessary equipment. Most drivers choose a roof box for skis to practically and smoothly carry ski equipment. You can find their various types, sizes, shapes, and materials on the market. Thus, choosing a box for yourself is a simple task.

However, if you do not have a lot of experience in using box trunks, some details may be unclear and therefore make the choice difficult. To make it easy for you to decide, we have prepared the top three best roof boxes for skis:

RoofPax Car Top Carrier Bag

roofpax car top bag
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It boasts a large storage capacity. So it is the ideal solution for efficiently carrying your ski equipment during winter adventures. The carrier bag features robust construction. It includes reinforced straps, durable buckles, and double-sealed seams. And also it has a waterproof coating. So, even in the snowiest weather, your skis will not get wet and will not shake in the box.

INNO Shadow Cargo Box

Experience ski transportation at its finest with this cool cargo box. Its aerodynamic design ensures smooth rides. And its ample capacity securely holds skis and gear. The process of installing skis on top of a car is straightforward. And it suits various vehicles. So, unleash the ultimate winter adventure with INNO Shadow Cargo Box by your side. 

SportRack Horizon Cargo Box

With a sleek and aerodynamic design, it minimizes wind noise and enhances fuel efficiency. And thanks to the large capacity of this device, you can comfortably place your skis on top of a car. Installing it on various vehicles is a breeze. Thus, you can cope with this task in a matter of minutes. So, elevate your skiing experience with this excellent transportation solution.

How to Put Skis on a Roof Rack

Are you going on vacation and want to take your skis with you? Even if you have a small car interior, this is not a problem. After all, the car's roof is an especially separate place for transporting skis. You can transport skis by attaching a rooftop cargo bag to it.

One of the main problems that can arise when transporting skis on top of a car is insufficient familiarity with the rules for securing the equipment itself and the skis themselves on the trunk. Incorrect fastening can lead to accidents on the road. At the same time, experienced riders cope with this task without problems. With the help of some tips and tricks, everyone can understand how to fix skis properly. So do you need instruction on how to put skis on the roof rack? We have prepared it for you below:

skis on roof rack

Step One: Choose The Best Roof Rack

To begin with, you need to choose the best roof box for skis. There are a variety of different roof racks available. It can be from hitch-mounted racks to roof-mounted carriers. Consider the size and weight of your skis and the number of pairs you'll be transporting.

Step Two: Prepare Your Skis

Start by removing dirt or debris from the skis using a soft-bristled brush. Check your bindings to ensure they're secure and in good condition. Apply protective covers to your binding brakes to prevent them from causing damage to your skis.

Step Three: Position Your Skis On The Roof Rack

Now, it's time to position skis on top of the car. Start by opening the roof rack and laying the skis flat across the bars. Make sure that the skis are centered. Their tips and tails should be equidistant from the edges of the rack.

Step Four: Secure The Skis

Then, you should secure the skis to the roof rack. Start by threading the ski straps through the bindings. Then tighten them until the skis are snug against the roof rack. Wrap the straps around the rack and secure them tightly. Check the security of your skis frequently throughout your trip to check they stay in place.

Step Five: Add Protection

To prevent damage to your skis during transportation, you can add protection to your roof rack. It can include foam padding or ski clamps. They offer additional grip and support.

Securing Skis with RoofPax

Securing skis with RoofPax is effortless and reliable. RoofPax offers an innovative ski rack system, perfect for winter adventures. Our car top carrier bag will help to quickly and safely deliver your skis to any distance. The sturdy design ensures your skis are safe and secure. With easy-to-use lock mechanisms, there is not worry about speed or bumps. The sleek and aerodynamic build aids fuel efficiency. RoofPax accommodates various ski types and sizes without a problem. So, embrace worry-free journeys with this versatile solution. Secure your ski on the car with us and be ready to conquer new peaks on them.

Bottom Line 

Investing in a rooftop cargo bag is enough to bring more excitement to your travels. With it, you can easily transport skis. Thanks to this, you can independently organize an active winter vacation for yourself. Just master the process of how to put skis on the roof rack, and that's it. After that, you will easily carry your skis with you. And in the summer, you can transport equipment for a summer vacation in the rooftop carrier.

FAQs: Skis on Roof Rack

How many pairs of skis can I transport on a roof rack?

It depends on the size of your roof rack and the width of the skis. Most standard roof racks can accommodate up to two pairs of skis.

How should I clean and maintain my skis after transportation?

Wipe off any dirt and moisture with a dry cloth after transportation. And use a soft brush to remove any remaining debris from the skis surface.

What should I do if my skis are longer than the roof rack?

You can use ski straps or bungee cords to secure them tightly to the rack. It will ensure they are held in place and won't shift during transportation. It reduces the risk of accidents on the road.

Do I need any additional accessories to secure skis on a roof rack?

To enhance security, invest in locking mechanisms designed specifically for ski racks. These locks add an extra layer of protection against theft.