Why are Roof Racks so Expensive: Is it Worth it?

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How to make traveling by car comfortable? Is it possible not to take up passenger space if everything does not fit in the trunk? As it turns out, it is quite possible.

Going on a long journey, we take a lot of things with us. And if it is a car trip for a big family, then to place all the stuff we have to sacrifice, even the salon. It is clear that any comfort on the road is out of the question. But you can solve the problem by putting a special box on the roof of the car. 

The car, for many people, is a means of transportation for themselves and a variety of cargo. And thus, it is not surprising that over time the capacity of the trunk is not enough. In an attempt to expand cargo transportation options, the owners placed a roof rack. This design has supporters and opponents, and we will try to understand why roof racks are so expensive.

Benefits and Value of Roof Racks

Benefits and Value of Roof Racks

The main reason car owners put a roof rack on the roof is obvious - the ability to transport large loads. As they do not fit in the trunk or cabin. Some prefer to put a towbar and trailer. But the decision to put a roof rack is more practical at times for several reasons:

  • you do not need to register the roof rack with the traffic police as a change in the design of the car;
  • it has a wide variety of mounting options and designs available for sale;
  • allows you to put a box and transport cargo in a completely enclosed space.

The fact is that many cars drive without any structures on the roof. But you still need to consider the cost of roof racks. Also, it has other benefits to consider:

  • you may have additional lighting. A very useful bonus when installing a luggage rack is the ability to have additional lights on it. These can be work lights used to illuminate the camp. They can also be running lights, which are especially useful when overcoming water obstacles. After all, the main headlights end up underwater and are no longer useful. 
  • you can use other lifehacks with racks. It makes sense to use a sheet of aluminum profile decking as the "floor" of the racks. This solution adds some advantages and reduces disadvantages. For example, in winter, you will not have to remove snow from the roof of the car from under the roof rack with difficulty. And in the summer, especially in hot regions, the roof of the car will not heat up as much.
Factors Influencing the Cost of Roof Racks

Factors Influencing the Cost of Roof Racks

Roof racks are essential accessories for vehicles. They provide extra space to transport gear and equipment. The cost of roof racks can vary due to factors like:

  • brand reputation;
  • material used;
  • weight capacity;
  • design features. 

High-quality brands with advanced designs and additional accessories may command a higher price. Vehicle compatibility and installation type also influence the cost. Because custom-fit and complex installations are more expensive. The number of load bars, coatings, finishes, and warranties can also impact pricing. Understanding these factors is crucial in making an informed decision. Read to choose a roof rack that best suits individual needs and budgets.


The choice of material affects the strength, weight, and cost of the roof racks. Consider the main materials:

  • Steel is a strong and affordable metal with durability, but it is prone to corrosion and is heavy.
  • Aluminum is a lightweight and strong material. It is corrosion-resistant but can be more expensive than its steel counterparts.
  • Plastic is high-quality polymers that provide lightness. It is moisture resistant and has an attractive appearance but has limited strength.
  • Composites are carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass. They offer high strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance but are usually more expensive.

Brand and Quality

If you wonder why roof racks are so expensive, look at the brand. Reputable and well-known brands often command higher prices. It happens due to their established trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction. These brands invest in:

  • research;
  • engineering;
  • materials to produce high-quality roof racks that meet safety standards and last longer. 

Customers may be willing to pay a premium for the peace of mind with a reputable brand.

But, lesser-known or generic brands may offer more budget-friendly options. But they may lack the same level of quality and durability.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity refers to the maximum load of the roof rack. It can safely carry without:

  • - compromising the vehicle's structural integrity;
  • - affecting its handling and stability.

Roof racks with higher weight capacities are typically engineered with materials that are:

  • stronger;
  • more durable. 

They can contribute to a not-cheap roof rack. But roof racks with lower weight capacities may be more budget-friendly. In contrast, they are usually limited in carrying substantial loads.

Design and Features

Design and features play a crucial role in determining the cost and appeal of roof racks. Manufacturers invest in innovative designs and additional features. It makes their products stand out and cater to specific customer needs.

Vehicle Compatibility

Roof racks are not universally designed to fit all vehicles. Different cars have varied:

  • roof shapes;
  • sizes;
  • mounting points;

They need roof racks tailored to their dimensions.

So if you want a cheap roof rack, do not consider custom-made options. These custom-fit roof racks are more expensive due to:

  • the engineering involved in ensuring a precise;
  • secure fit on the particular vehicle.
Evaluating the Worth of Roof Racks

Evaluating the Worth of Roof Racks

Whether to install luggage systems or not is always up to each owner. It is safe to say that the design should be carefully selected according to what transportation tasks are meant to be solved. Boxes, for example, also have a limited capacity. And driving with a large structure on the roof blocking the sky is not always convenient.

If your car is provided and even installed rails, then luggage systems will be easy to put. And it is not difficult to adapt them to any cargo fasteners. If you still decide, we recommend choosing and buying lightweight aluminum bars. They will not increase a roof rack cost. Also, they can be aerodynamically streamlined. Anti-corrosion coatings are better suited for large, heavy loads of stainless steel bars. Pay attention to models with locks and original retractable bars. They make loading easier.


Several factors can influence the cost of roof racks, each contributing to their overall price tag. A roof rack of Roofpax is an excellent purchase not only for car travelers. Going to the countryside, on short trips to the sea, the mountains or the forest is more convenient. Explore the pros and cons with BuyRoofpax for an informed decision.

FAQs: Why roof racks are expensive?

Why are roof racks generally expensive?

Roof racks are generally expensive. Because they are constructed with high-quality materials. It can be durable metals or lightweight alloys. They ensure their ability to withstand various weather conditions and carry heavy loads. Additionally, advanced designs and engineering are incorporated. They reduce wind resistance and noise, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Do expensive roof racks offer better value?

Expensive roof racks offer better value as they are designed to last longer and provide superior performance compared to cheaper alternatives. With top-tier materials and craftsmanship, they can withstand the rigors of regular use and maintain their functionality over time.

Can I find affordable roof racks that meet my requirements?

Yes, finding affordable roof racks that meet your requirements is possible with careful consideration. While high-end custom-fit racks may be more expensive, budget-friendly options are available, especially universal fit racks designed to fit various vehicle models.

Are there any cost-effective alternatives to expensive roof racks that still offer reliable performance and durability?

Yes, there are cost-effective alternatives to expensive roof racks. They can still provide reliable performance and durability. Universal-fit roof racks and mid-range brands often balance affordability and functionality.