car roof luggage

It's crucial to clearly understand car roof weight capacity. It's to ensure safe and efficient transportation of goods. The capacity of a rail refers to the max weight it can safely bear. And it does so without ruining the vehicle's stability or causing damage to the rail itself.

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Luggage on top of the car

People are used to transporting things in the car's interior or the luggage rack. But the functionality of the machine is much more versatile. Have you ever wondered how you can use the roof of a car to transport things? If not, then you should think about it. It is a great idea to ensure comfort during the extensive transportation process.

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Buyroofpax Crossbar Installation
The car often becomes an assistant in the transportation of goods. But in some cases, putting all the necessary cargo in the vehicle is impossible. For this, drivers do a crossbar installation. Railings usually consist of a metal frame or...
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