10 Reasons Why Road Trips Can Be a Blast

Road trip

The daily working, cooking, rinse-repeat routine can get any human down; this stressful cycle must be broken from time to time in order to keep our sanity intact. Need a vacation?

Here at RoofPax, we love a good weekend getaway but sometimes it's just too stressful, and not to mention expensive, to travel by plane. Pause and consider the idea of taking your family on a trip that is both exciting and doesn't break the bank. So let's break away from the usual routine and start planning something different! 

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We made a list of our top ten reasons why you should opt for a road trip this holiday season, rather than the conventional holiday route. 

1. Road trippin' without a weight limit

We love taking a vacation but genuinely could do without all of the airline packing rules and restrictions. We love to pack a few bags, throw 'em up into our RoofPax car roof bag, and hit the road. We love the simplicity of packing and going on a moment's notice, little planning is our favorite way to travel. 

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2. No item size limitations

Big into outdoor sports? Bring your surfboard, skis, or skates whenever you travel via the road. That’s why when we have the choice, we opt for road trips because there are no limitations in terms of the size of objects we can bring along for the adventure!

3. Explore the good old outdoors

Tap into your spontaneous side and head out on a new adventure. All you need is a vehicle, a few things to wear, and whoever you want to take with you. Roll down the windows and enjoy a whiff of the cool breeze as you head out to discover new lands.

4. Spend more meaningful time with friends

Friends are an integral part of staying happy and sane. As time passes, work and family tend to demand more of your attention. It's sometimes hard to arrange a time when all friends are available and can spend the money on a trip. A road trip is a great way to solve these issues while also offering a natural setting where you can listen to music, share stories, and relive old memories while creating new ones. 

5. Splurge on your accommodations

Why spend so much on a trip abroad when there are parts of your own backyard that you haven’t even seen yet? A road trip is one of the most cost-efficient ways to travel and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Road trips afford you the luxury of being pickier with your stay because you saved all that money on flights and now you can really splurge on your accommodations. 

6. Bring out your inner photographer 

One of the best things about a classic road trip is that it’s unstructured. Make a few unplanned pit stops. Stop your car at the side of the road and capture some of those ‘Woah, look at that’ moments. You don’t need a high-end camera to capture memories (the camera on your smartphone will work just as well as any DSLR on the market!). 

7. Make a quick pit stop

Epic memories are made from random pit stops along the way so make sure that you leave some room for exploring in your plans. Every curve in the road has something new to be explored so definitely stay open to finding new spots. Visit random sights so that you can experience the shifts in culture every few kilometers.

8. Bring your furry friends

Typically when we make travel arrangements we also have to worry about where we put our pets for the duration of the trip, which is a hassle in itself. You always feel a twinge of sadness when you think about your pal not being by your side as you venture into the unknown. When you road trip, you have none of these issues to deal with, you just need to worry about having a great time. 

9. Explore, snack, rinse & repeat

We always recommend slowing down and taking a break whenever you feel peckish. Try new places that are on the way and discover all of those hidden gems that weren't mentioned in the blogs you read.

10. The journey is the destination

Here at RoofPax, we know that a great road trip is seldom about the destination. The interesting discoveries, exotic new flavors, and epic laughs are what make for a memorable trip. Make sure to always look out at the scenery, something you can't really do during a flight and enjoy the beauty right in front of you.

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Obviously, a road trip is an absolutely perfect way to break away from the mundane and get yourself out into the great unknown. Our RoofPax car roof bag makes for an easier time packing, but we encourage a road trip regardless of how you pack for it! We hope this post inspires you to pack up and explore somewhere totally new!


What is the best car for a road trip?

Choose a comfortable and spacious vehicle, like an SUV or a crossover, with sufficient storage space and fuel efficiency for long journeys.

How do you decide on the ideal road trip holiday destination?

Consider natural attractions, scenic routes, local culture, and activities that interest you while staying open to spontaneity.

How do driving holidays enhance your travel experience?

Road trips provide freedom, exploration, bonding, and the chance to discover hidden spots, making the journey as memorable as the destination.

How can you make the most of a road trip in your car?

Embrace spontaneity, take unplanned stops, capture moments, enjoy local food, bring essential supplies, and immerse yourself in the scenery.

What are some essential things you need for a successful road trip?

Pack clothing, essentials, snacks, navigation tools, first aid kit, entertainment, chargers, and any special items based on your preferences.

What are the benefits of traveling by road?

Flexibility, cost savings, pet-friendly options, exploration of new places, spontaneous experiences, and a closer connection to the journey itself.

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