Travel made easy: 5 tips for your long-distance trip

5 tips for  long Road trip

Our RoofPax team is just obsessed with going on long-distance outings with friends and family. And that is why we felt that it would be perfect to tell you our thoughts on how to plan your travels using our RoofPax car roof bag.

So today our goal is to share with you the ultimate top 5 tips for a long-distance road trip while using our car roof bag, a hassle-free design that was inspired by our very own adventures.

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RoofPax  roof bag military grade design

Let us jump right into the main event, shall we?!

Tip #1: First and foremost, make sure you pack with some intention!

Most cars don't have enough space to pack all the things you need without leaving some things behind. Our roof rack bag makes that a thing of the past, but it is just so easy to throw things in a bag and hit the road.

Ask yourself, "am I really using my space effectively?" We recommend taking some time to visualize what your trip will actually entail and then pack accordingly.

Our car top carrier can go wherever the open road leads you, adding an additional 15, 19, or 23 cubic feet of storage for every trip.

Tip #2: Use rectangular bags or duffle bags to maximize the use of the car topper space.

The shape of our bag is rectangular so definitely try to pack using luggage that has 90-degree angles and/or has a more malleable shape like a duffle bag. The goal is that you utilize the space in its entirety while making sure everything fits super nicely.

Our product can be added to your vehicle's existing roof rack, used with raised side rails/crossbars, or with the easy-to-use patented 6-door hook straps included for vehicles without a rack.

Car Roof Rack for Raised Side Rails, adjustable Aluminum Anti-Rust Crossbars

Tip #3: Make sure that your car topper is completely secure on the roof of your car.

We know that in order to feel free to explore extraordinary remote locations, a traveler must be able to trust that their cargo will stay in its proper place. That's why we would recommend our premium roof bag every time.

The RoofPax military grade design, double strap covers, and Velcro protective mat guard against scratches and tears. It is quite simple and straightforward to attach to the roof of any car using tie-down hook straps.

You won't have to worry about losing any of your belongings - no matter where you go because everything will stay secure during your trip.

RoofPax 6 Rooftop Cargo Tie Down Hook Straps

Buy it here: Buyroofpax cargoo tie-down hook straps

Tip #4: Keep your valuables and small electronics by your side when you are traveling.

We find that it is best to keep your most valuable items with you for the sense of security it brings. If you are making a quick pit stop for gas or snacks, you can feel secure knowing that your most valuable items are on you.

Typically when you want to grab your camera for a scenic photo, you don't want to have to unpack your entire car topper so we advise keeping items like this by your side. But don't fret because anything you need quickly is just a few feet away and is very easy to remove whenever you need to.

Buyroofpax car roof bag has SBS waterproof double zippers

Tip #5: Don't waste any more time worrying about your items getting wet!

Our water-resistant bag is designed to protect your gear through all of life's adventures. We have clients ridden through severe thunderstorms while on the road and their RoofPax bag kept everything dry.

Details like SBS waterproof double zippers and the water-resistant double coating make for a pleasant packing experience, knowing that everything will be safe and secure through the storms you face on the road.

We love taking trips with our car toppers because it's just so easy to load up, get going, and unload at our destination. Our team wants to help you create amazing memories by helping you with the right packing materials. Our RoofPax car roof bag is super easy to install, fits on top of any car, and is hands down the only cargo holder you will ever need. But you don't have to take our word for it, check out client reviews on our website to find out more!


By following these tips, you can enhance your travel experience and make the most of our RoofPax car roof bag. Start by packing with intention, visualizing your trip's requirements to optimize your storage space effectively. Utilize rectangular or malleable bags to maximize the use of the car topper space, ensuring a snug fit for all your belongings.

So, whether you're embarking on a cross-country adventure or a weekend getaway, trust RoofPax to elevate your travel game. Unleash your wanderlust, create amazing memories, and explore with confidence using our thoughtfully designed car roof bag. Your next journey awaits – pack up and hit the road with RoofPax!


What is the most efficient way to travel long distance?

The most efficient way to travel long distances largely depends on your preferences and circumstances. Air travel is usually the fastest, but trains and buses can be more sustainable options. If you prefer driving, consider fuel-efficient vehicles and plan efficient routes.

How can I travel long distance safely?

Traveling long distance safely involves careful planning. Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained, take regular breaks to rest and avoid fatigue, follow traffic rules, use seat belts, and have emergency supplies on hand. When flying, follow airline safety guidelines and stay informed about your destination.

How can I travel long distance without getting tired?

To travel long distance without getting tired, take regular breaks every 1-2 hours, stay hydrated, get enough sleep before your journey, and engage in light stretching during stops to improve circulation. Sharing driving responsibilities with a companion can also help reduce fatigue.

What to do after driving long distance?

After driving long distance, rest and rehydrate. Stretch your muscles, as sitting for prolonged periods can cause stiffness. Inspect your vehicle for any issues, and consider giving it a quick clean. If you're at your destination, take some time to relax before engaging in activities.

What time is best to drive long distance?

The best time to drive long distance is typically during daylight hours when visibility is at its best. Avoid rush hours and night driving, as they can be more stressful and tiring. Start early in the morning to make the most of daylight and to avoid traffic congestion.

Can you put suitcases in a roof bag?

Yes, you can put suitcases in a roof bag. Make sure the suitcases are packed securely to prevent shifting during transit. Consider using packing cubes or securing them with straps inside the roof bag.

Do roof boxes need to be centered?

Yes, roof boxes should be centered on your vehicle's roof rack to ensure balanced weight distribution. This helps maintain stability and prevents issues like increased wind resistance on one side.

What items are suitable for packing in a roof bag?

Items suitable for packing in a roof bag include lightweight and bulky items such as clothing, bedding, camping gear, and other non-fragile items. Make sure to check the weight limits of your roof rack and roof bag to avoid overloading.

How do you tie down a roof cargo bag?

To tie down a roof cargo bag, follow these steps: a. Place the cargo bag on the roof rack and open it. b. Load your items and close the bag, ensuring it's not overfilled. c. Secure the bag to the roof rack using the provided straps, threading them through the rack's crossbars. d. Tighten the straps evenly on all sides to prevent shifting during travel. e. Double-check the bag's security before starting your journey.

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