How to Use Roof Rack Straps to Tie Car Roof Bag

roof rack straps

Are you going on a long trip by car? It's time to pack your items in your roof cargo bag. But before you go on the road with them, take some time to check whether you have securely fastened the trunk straps.

Most car owners are used to throwing things into their roof bags and going on the road. But this approach is not correct at all. After all, there is the use of trunk straps, which is an important aspect. And it would be best if you did not ignore it because it ensures safety during cargo transportation. So, here are some tips to help you use the car trunk straps correctly:

  • Check the condition of the roof rack luggage straps.
  • Before tightening them, make sure that they are not twisted.
  • Then gradually tighten the straps, ensuring good fixation.

Using belts is a big responsibility. After all, in case of incorrect fixing, it can cause emergencies on the road. Thus, every driver should learn and know how to use roof rack straps.

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What Are Roof Rack Straps?

When you transport things on the roof of your car, you insure them with something. This insurance is called roof rack luggage straps. It is an important detail in roof racks that securely fastens your cargo. These straps allow you to safely transport large items such as bicycles, kayaks, and skis. They securely fix the load and prevent it from shifting or falling while the car moves.

Usually, manufacturers make them from high-quality tapes and unique fastening mechanisms. It provides the highest reliability and durability of the belts. The following straps are usually used to transport cargo on the roof of a car:

  • With a ratchet mechanism. Thanks to the latch, they are functional, reliably holding bulky, heavy loads.
  • With a spring lock. They are suitable for fastening small and light items.

During transportation, drivers place the load on the car top, wrapping it with such tapes. And then, they fix strong metal mechanisms on the luggage. The main thing is to check their condition before loading luggage on the roof rack.

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Steps to Use Roof Rack Straps

Knowing how to use a roof rack strap is the same as understanding how to use seat belts in passenger places. That is, it is imperative and necessary. After all, the road can be different. Sometimes you may encounter sharp turns or bumps. And if you have not secured the luggage, there is a high probability that it will fall. No one needs such troubles. So, to avoid them, fasten the belts on the luggage correctly.

The first and most important thing is ensuring your straps are not damaged. They should not be too old, twisted, or torn. They should be monitored and stored in a high-quality form for complete safety. The way you can transport your things in a rooftop carrier depends on this.

If you doubt the suitability of your straps, do not use them. In no case do not fasten luggage with them. But in no case do not go on the road without belts. The best thing in this situation is to buy new ones. So, what steps should you implement with straps before loading luggage on the roof rack? Keep reading:

Preparing the Car and Roof Bag

Your car will not go if it is broken. Your roof bag will not transport your belongings if it is damaged. So, to be sure of the serviceability of both, check them before trips:

  • Check if your car is in good condition. Inspect oil, coolant, and tire pressure.
  • Before installing the roof rack, make sure that it corresponds to its load capacity.
  • Before loading the pack on the trunk, ensure you locate it evenly.
  • Review the condition of the roof rack fasteners. And check if it is without damage.
  • Make sure that your roof rack luggage straps are entirely secure and intact.

Attaching the Roof Rack Straps

It is the main stage. And the most crucial thing in this is to be confident in your actions and do everything according to the instructions:

  • Make sure that you installed the roof cargo bag correctly and that it does not wobble.
  • Unroll the straps and make sure they are in good condition.
  • Attach them to the special fasteners on the trunk and tighten them sufficiently. But at the same time, you should not drag them.
  • Make sure that the roof rack luggage straps securely fix the load. But remember they should not interfere with the movement of cars.
  • Check that you tightened all belts properly.

Tying Down the Car Roof Bag

There are many options for how drivers tie a car roof bag. Everyone does it differently. However, sometimes one's own schemes may not be as effective as people think. So, it is better to follow the professional instructions of this:

  • Before loading luggage on the roof rack, clean the car's top.
  • Unfold the fastening straps and place them next to the luggage. Set them so that it will be more convenient for you to fix them later.
  • Start attaching from the front of the baggage.
  • Pull the belt until it feels taut but not too tight.
  • Repeat this process for the back of the luggage, crossing the strap on the opposite side.
  • Make sure the straps are not twisted and parallel to each other.

Checking the Security of the Roof Bag

When you pack things in a roof bag, you think not only about roof rack luggage straps. At the same time, you think about the security of it. After all, no one wants to face theft or danger on the road. To prevent this, do the following:

  • Ensure all fasteners and roof luggage locks are correctly and securely closed. 
  • Check that all items in the baggage can not shift or fall out during movement.
  • Pay attention to the noise of roof racks while driving. If it appears, you should either reduce the speed or check the fastening of the luggage.
  • Before riding, recheck every detail. Ask yourself the question: "Is everything securely fixed?", "Are there extra moving parts?".


Roof rack luggage straps are not just an accessory for your car. It is your savior that protects you and your cargo during transportation. So, it is extremely important to use them correctly.

It is worth paying attention to roof cargo bags to make their fixation and use convenient. They should fully correspond to the length of the straps. So, select the proper roof racks and learn how to fix straps. Then your driving will be absolutely secure, and your transport items in a safe place.


How do I choose the right roof rack straps for my car roof bag?

Measure the distance from one side of your car roof to the other to determine the required strap length. Select straps that are adjustable or come in various lengths. Thus, you can accommodate different car sizes. 

How do I attach the roof rack straps to the roof rack?

Use the adjustable mechanism on the roof rack strap. Then, tighten it securely around the roof rack. And before riding, you should double-check it.

How can I check the security of the roof bag before traveling?

First, check that you tightened all the straps well. Then, verify the zippers or closures of the bag. They should be fully closed and secured.

How many roof straps do I need?

The number of roof straps you need depends on the size and weight of the load you carry on the roof rack. For smaller and lighter items, two roof straps should be enough. If you take larger or heavier bags, it's advisable to use extra straps for added stability.

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