The Advantages of Owning a Car Top Carrier

Advantages of Owning a Car Top Carrier

The advantages of owning a quality roof bag are endless, from the universal design to a military-grade construction and water-repellant outer walls.

As every day passes, we need more storage for our cars. And a car top carrier from RoofPax becomes the best solution.

We've compiled a list of the top advantages of owning a roof top luggage carrier. Keep reading to discover why additional storage is a must-have on your next weekend getaway.

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Increased Storage Capacity

Regardless if you own a compact car or a full-sized SUV, there will always be a moment when the cargo capacity of your vehicle is simply not enough. This is where a rooftop luggage carrier comes in.

The options range from small to large and even expandable car rooftop storage bags. The smallest size has enough room to fit three suitcases, four sleeping bags, and two tents. With all that room freed up in your car, bringing everyone and everything on your next camping trip will be a breeze.

Added Comfort and Convenience

No one wants to feel trapped in their car when heading up to their weekend getaway. A car top carrier is a great way to get all the extra baggage up and out of your way. Now you can enjoy a comfortable, stress-free journey.

There is no such thing as bringing too much stuff, and with a roof bag, there are no compromises. Heavy packers know what we are talking about.

On top of that, the convenience factor is undeniable. With car top carriers, you can quickly load all your luggage on the ground, ensuring you get the most out of every square inch. It can be easily organized to fit odd or bulky pieces of luggage efficiently.

Once finished, you simply load it onto your car's roof and strap it down. It can be used on vehicles with or without roof racks, making it truly universal. And yes, they can be transferred from one vehicle to another with ease.

most cost-effective way to increase your car's cargo capacity


When compared to renting a bigger vehicle, small trailer, or adding a roof basket, our car top carrier easily comes out on top. Every option listed above will surely blow anyone's budget looking for an affordable car storage solution.

A car top carrier is the most cost-effective way to increase your car's cargo capacity and keep it within budget. Moreover, roof bag car top carriers are built to last for years and don't need additional parts or regular service, making them an excellent long-term investment.

For a few hundred dollars, you get excellent quality and have peace of mind when going on your next trip. Invest the money saved towards a new tent, car camping bed, or other accessories to make your next adventure one for the books.


Nothing beats the versatility of a car top carrier. The setup and removal are as simple as it gets. It can be taken down in minutes and installed quickly. No more wasting time struggling with car roof baskets that require additional tools and hardware.

And unlike baskets and or roof racks that require permanent installation and drilling holes, our car top carriers are non-damaging to the car's paint thanks to the built-in protection mat and cause no permanent modifications.

They can also be a great storage solution for keeping loose items organized when not in use. If car camping is your thing, car top carriers are a great way to ensure you always have enough room for everything, including sleeping bags, blankets, and all the other essentials.

Roofpax car top carriers are non-damaging to the car's paint

Final Words

In conclusion, the advantages of owning a car top carrier are not to be ignored. From cost-effectiveness to versatility, car top carriers are a must-have storage solution for anyone looking for more space on their next trip.

With RoofPax car rooftop bags, you combine quality and affordability. Shop now and hit the road confidently, knowing you have one of the best products on the market.

FAQs: Advantages of Owning a Car Top Carrier

What are car top carriers used for?

Car top carriers are used to provide additional storage space on a vehicle's roof for luggage, camping gear, and other items during trips.

Is it worth it to get a roof rack?

Yes, a roof rack is worth it as it provides a stable and secure platform to attach car top carriers, enhancing your vehicle's storage capacity.

Are car top carriers safe?

Yes, car top carriers are generally safe when properly installed and secured, following manufacturer guidelines.

Can I use a car top carrier without a roof rack?

Yes, many car top carriers can be used without a roof rack, as they come with straps that attach directly to the vehicle's roof.

What is the purpose of a roof rack?

A roof rack provides a stable base for attaching various cargo carriers, such as car top carriers, roof boxes, and other equipment.

Why do people get roof racks?

People get roof racks to increase their vehicle's storage capacity, making it easier to carry items like luggage, sports equipment, and camping gear.

Do roof racks affect performance?

Roof racks can slightly affect aerodynamics and fuel efficiency due to increased wind resistance, especially at higher speeds.

Can you drive with an empty car top carrier?

Yes, you can drive with an empty car top carrier attached, but it's recommended to remove it when not in use to minimize wind resistance and noise.

Where should I place my car top carrier?

Car top carriers should be placed securely on the roof of the vehicle, ensuring they are centered and properly fastened according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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