Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access
Car Door Step for Car Roof Access

Car Door Step for Car Roof Access

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Introducing the RoofPax Universal Fit Car Door Step for Car Roof Access with Seat Belt Cutter. Simplify your car roof-related tasks with this versatile door latch step that enhances your car's roof access. With a weight limit of 440 pounds, it provides a secure and convenient platform for various activities such as cleaning, loading/unloading cargo, and installing kayak accessories or overlanding gear.

Safety is paramount, and this car doorstep includes a built-in car hammer and seatbelt cutter, making it an essential emergency escape tool. Experience peace of mind knowing you have a reliable vehicle latch doorstep that enhances your safety during critical situations.

Step up onto your SUV's roof with confidence using this reliable RoofPax Car Door Step. Upgrade your car's functionality and enjoy hassle-free rooftop activities with ease.

  • Brand: RoofPax
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions: 14.96 x 1.57 x 3.5 inches
  • Style: Modern
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • Weight Limit: 440 Pounds

Product Features:

  1. Enhanced Car Roof Access: This door latch step simplifies tasks related to the car roof, such as cleaning, loading/unloading cargo, and engaging in rooftop activities like installing kayak accessories or overlanding gear.
  2. Secure and Convenient SUV Step Up: Provides a reliable platform for accessing the car's roof, making it ideal for step-up purposes.
  3. Emergency Safety Tools: The car doorstep comes with a built-in car hammer and seatbelt cutter, enhancing safety during critical situations.
  4. Effortless Set-Up: Designed for seamless installation, it securely attaches to the vehicle's door hinge.
  5. Protection for Your Vehicle: Features a high-density thickened rubber protector to prevent any damage to the door frame.

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As recommended by:

Easy Roof Access

Unlock the convenience of accessing your car's roof effortlessly. Whether you're loading a kayak, cleaning, or setting up overlanding gear, this door step simplifies the process, making every task a breeze.

Safety First

Beyond its primary function, this car doorstep doubles as an emergency escape tool. With a built-in car hammer and seatbelt cutter, you're equipped for critical situations, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

Vehicle-Friendly Design

Worried about potential damage to your vehicle? Fear not. The RoofPax door step features a high-density rubber protector, safeguarding your door frame from any harm while providing a secure platform.

Commitment Beyond Excellence

RoofPax is passionate about providing the best travel solutions. With our premium vehicle accessories and top-notch car top storage solutions, we're dedicated to elevating your journey. Customer satisfaction is our steadfast commitment, reinforced by our exceptional
customer support program and extended warranties. Whenever you have a question or concern, our friendly customer support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Car Door Step FAQs

The Car Roof Access step simplifies roof-related tasks like cleaning, loading/unloading cargo, and rooftop activities such as installing kayak accessories or overlanding gear.

The SUV Step Up provides a secure and reliable door latch step that allows you to confidently step onto your SUV's roof. It offers a safe platform for accessing the roof, making it perfect for various car-related purposes.

The car doorstep by RoofPax includes a built-in car hammer and seatbelt cutter, serving as an essential emergency escape tool. This feature enhances your safety during critical situations, providing peace of mind on the road.

The Effortless Set-Up of the car door step refers to its seamless installation process. It securely attaches to your vehicle's door hinge, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This convenient and simple design enhances your car's roof access with ease.

RoofPax's door step is designed with a high-density thickened rubber protector. This protective feature prevents any damage or squeezing to your car's door frame, ensuring your vehicle's exterior remains in pristine condition. While providing secure and convenient roof access, the door step also safeguards your car's appearance.

The RoofPax car roof door latch step is a versatile and reliable tool that simplifies car roof-related tasks. Its secure design, emergency escape features, and weight-bearing capability of 440 pounds make it an ideal accessory for enhancing convenience, safety, and accessibility during rooftop activities.

The RoofPax Car Door Step for Car Roof Access boasts an anti-slip surface that ensures stability, along with its generously sized and extra-wide design. This combination of features makes accessing your car's roof safer and more convenient.

RoofPax Car Door step are especially useful for loading or unloading items from roof racks, roof boxes, or cargo carriers. They can also be beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty reaching the roof due to their height or limited mobility. The steps are usually made of sturdy materials like aluminum or steel to support the weight of a person and withstand outdoor conditions.

RoofPax Car Door steps is perfectly safe when used properly. Follow weight limits, ensure secure attachment, use on level surfaces, and exercise caution. Always remove the step before driving. Regularly inspect for damage or wear and keep away from children and pets.

To use the RoofPax Car Door step, follow these general steps:

Position the car on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
Select the door you want to use for access to the roof
Open the door and ensure it is securely latched.
Place the car door step on the inner edge of the door sill.
Step on the car door step with one foot, using the door and frame for support.
Hold onto the roof rack or grab handles for balance.
Use the step to reach the roof for loading/unloading items.
When finished, carefully step down from the car door step.
Gently lift and remove the step from the door sill.
Store the car door step in a safe place for future use.