Heavy-Duty Tow Strap
Heavy-Duty Tow Strap
Heavy-Duty Tow Strap
Heavy-Duty Tow Strap
Heavy-Duty Tow Strap

Heavy-Duty Tow Strap 3" x 30 ft.

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The RoofPax Tow Strap is a heavy-duty off-road recovery rope designed for any vehicle. With a 30,180-pound pull rating, this 3" x 30 ft. strap ensures you never get stuck. Safer and easier to use than chains, it's essential for towing vehicles, moving debris, or pulling equipment. Its industrial strength and triple-reinforced end loops make it a must-have for any off-road adventure.

  • Size: 3 in X 30 ft. Excellent Tow Strap - HEAVY DUTY!
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Orange, Black
  • Brand: RoofPax
  • Vehicle Service Type: Suitable for any vehicle including SUV, Private Car, Pick-up Truck, ATV, with or without Roof Rack, small cars, and trucks.
  • Load Capacity: 30,180 Pounds
  • Fastener Material: Polyester and Silk 80/20 blend Recovery 20 ft. Tow Strap
  • Tensile Strength: 30,180 PSI
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Product Dimensions: 360"L x 3"W
  • Manufacturer: RoofPax
  • Item Weight: 6.89 pounds

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Superior Performance

The RoofPax Tow Strap offers industrial strength performance with a 30,180-pound pull rating. Unlike other straps, it's made of a polyester/silk blend, accommodating heavier workloads in various situations. Whether you're towing vehicles or moving heavy debris, this strap ensures safety and ease of use, making it superior to traditional chains.

Multi-Purpose Design

This tow strap is not just for towing; it's a versatile tool designed for both recovery and towing applications. The triple-reinforced end loops and the 80/20 polyester and silk blend add durability and strength. Whether you're camping or off-roading, the RoofPax Tow Strap is a must-have safety measure, ready for unexpected events.

Easy Storage & Durability

The RoofPax Tow Strap comes with a heavy-duty drawstring bag for convenient storage and a protective sleeve to prolong its life. Its 30,180 lbs. pull rating and the included protective sleeve reduce wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use. Don't take chances with your safety; with RoofPax, you'll be ready for anything on your next adventure.

Commitment Beyond Excellence

RoofPax is passionate about providing the best travel solutions. With our premium vehicle accessories and top-notch car top storage solutions, we're dedicated to elevating your journey. Customer satisfaction is our steadfast commitment, reinforced by our exceptional customer support program and extended warranties. Whenever you have a question or concern, our friendly customer support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Tow Strap 3"x30 ft. FAQs

The RoofPax Tow Strap has a break strength of 15 tons, which is stronger than nylon and safer than chains. This makes it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Unlike straps that use stretchier and less durable materials like nylon, the RoofPax Tow Strap uses a polyester/silk 80/20 blend. This choice of material provides greater strength and durability, allowing it to handle heavier workloads and a wider variety of situations.

Use the adaptor to charge the battery. To charge the battery, please remove the battery from the device. It cannot get charged by the 12v dc cable from the device.

The RoofPax Tow Strap comes with a complementary Heavy-Duty Drawstring Bag for convenient storage. Additionally, a protective sleeve is included to extend the strap's lifespan and reduce wear and tear.

The RoofPax Essential Recovery Gear ensures your safety during solo travel adventures by providing reliable tools. The RoofPax Tow Strap, a key component of this gear, helps you avoid getting stuck. It allows you to secure one end of the strap through the loop at the other end and pair it with trusted hardware like the RoofPax 3/4" D-Ring Shackle Set. This way, you'll be prepared for unexpected situations while on the road, whether you're camping, off-roading, or exploring remote areas.

To use a heavy-duty tow strap like the RoofPax Tow Strap, follow these steps:

a. Ensure both vehicles are on a stable surface.
b. Pass one end of the strap through the loop at the other end.
c. Attach the looped end to the anchor point on the disabled vehicle.
d. Attach the other end to a secure anchor point on the towing vehicle.
e. Slowly and steadily apply tension while the towing vehicle moves, assisting the disabled vehicle.

A tow strap should be adequately strong to handle the load. The RoofPax Tow Strap, with a 15-ton break strength, offers industrial-grade strength superior to nylon and safer than chains. This strength makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring the safety of both vehicles involved.

The ideal tow strap length depends on the situation. RoofPax Tow Strap's length is designed to accommodate various scenarios, making it versatile for towing and recovery applications. Its multi-purpose design, along with the triple reinforced end loops, ensures secure anchor points and flexibility during usage.

When attaching a tow strap, it's crucial to use secure anchor points. The triple reinforced end loops of the RoofPax Tow Strap offer strong and reliable attachment options. These loops can be hooked to appropriate anchor points, such as sturdy tow hooks, shackles, or the RoofPax 3/4" D-Ring Shackle Set, ensuring safe and effective towing or recovery.

Securing the end of a tow strap is simple with the RoofPax Tow Strap:

a. Pass one end of the strap through the loop at the other end.
b. Attach the looped end to the anchor point on the disabled or towed vehicle.
c. Ensure a secure connection to prevent slippage.

The RoofPax Tow Strap's triple reinforced end loops provide additional security, making it a reliable choice for securing the strap's ends and ensuring a safe towing or recovery process.